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ESM on Roku

ESM on Roku

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Info about Roku

As you may or may not know we have partnered with LiveStream for many years to deliver a better way to watch our services online. Through Livestream you have been able to watch our services live as well as to watch a years’ worth of archived teachings. The beginning of September we started streaming in High Definition (HD – 720p).

Starting the beginning of September 2013, Livestream teamed up with Roku to make viewing Live events better. What this means is that watching our services are more accessible. With a Roku device, you pay a one-time price for the device you want and then connect it to the internet either wireless or wired (Some models are Wireless Only). Connect your device to your TV, and then add the Livestream channel. Now you can navigate to our videos and enjoy the teaching from the comfort of your front room in HD (if your TV is HD). Select the model that works best for your network and TV connections (You don’t need a HD TV). Roku devices start at $29.99 and the top of the line, HD only, is $129.99. There are even Roku TV’s that start at $139 for a 24". Please research all products before you purchase.

Roku website click here

Roku products click here

To see other channels available on Roku click here . Once there, click on other categories.

“WooHoo!!! Roku with LiveStream, worked! I was jumping up & down for joy! We love El Shaddai and join in every Shabbat as we don't have an assembly close by. I even sing along with the songs and repeat the liturgy as if I were there. It's a lot more roomy and comfy in the living room than the office.” ~ Elizabeth

Step 1 - Once you have a Roku, you must add the Livestream channel through the "Channel Store"

If you are familiar with adding a channel on your Roku player you can skip down to "You have a Roku and you added the channel…"
Here is an intro to the Roku Experience (Includes how to add a channel) - Click here

Step 2 - You have a Roku and you added the channel.
Now how do you find El Shaddai Videos?

  1. Once you start the Livestream channel you then need to scroll down to the bottom and you will see two search boxes side by side. Arrow to the right search box and select.

    Next in the search box enter El Shaddai Ministries then select search.

  2. That should bring up the Torah Scroll over the World image (Our Logo), press select.
    Now you should see the last 32 archived teaching we have on Livestream. Newest up first and working back to the oldest as you arrow right.

    BUT… If you want to watch a Live broadcast of ours, when you see all the videos, instead of going right, press the left arrow once and it will bring you to the Live service.

  3. Select that video and you will see an option to view the Live service.

That’s it!

FYI, One thing to know is that once you enter the search criterial , it is kept and so when you go to the search screen next time, you just arrow over to the previous searches and select El Shaddai Ministries. You won't need to enter it in each time.

If you have any technical problems please go here to fill out request for support with Livestream.